Music 10

Course Outline

Music 10 recognizes the importance of offering a program that provides opportunities for the experienced musician as well as for those with limited or no prior musical training. The Music 10 curriculum demonstrates an understanding of and appreciation for the variety of abilities of the students in the music class. This course may be delivered through a variety of disciplines. Many music programs at the high school level will focus primarily on music-making in an instrumental music setting. By offering Music 10 with a focus on choral singing or guitar playing, for example, students with limited musical experiences will achieve the outcomes for the course. Other programs may use specific community interests such as traditional instruments or rock ensembles to achieve course outcomes. Whatever approach to Music 10 is used, attention will be given to all three understandings and processes of the arts, which include 1. Creating, making, and presenting; 2. Understanding and connecting contexts of time, place, and community, and; 3. Perceiving and responding.

Updated August 17, 2022