Advanced Music 11

Course Outline

Advanced Music 11 is designed for students who are considering future music study and / or careers in the music field. The course, offered in the same classroom as Music 11, consists of compulsory modules in music-making, music literacy, and global understandings. Students will be required to perform or compose a body of solo or small ensemble work that meets stated technical requirements, work independently to complete music literacy requirements, and complete independent studies projects that link aspects of global music to music in their own lives. In addition, Advanced Music 11 consists of self-directed learning modules in which students will plan and complete modules of study based on a personal musical interest. In order to be considered for enrollment in the course, students must submit a portfolio that shows evidence of excellence in previous music studies and exceptional ability to complete independent and self-motivated learning projects. The application process will involve the music teacher and guidance personnel.

Updated August 17, 2022