Visual Arts 9

Course Outline

Visual Arts 9 offers a learner-centred approach, providing opportunities for all students to experience, understand, and value visual arts within a supportive and nurturing environment. Students are engaged emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, aesthetically, and socially as they explore various media as a unique and powerful meant of constructing personal meaning and communicating. Visual arts is an elective course at the grade 9 level. The curriculum is written in a non-sequential modular format, focusing on opportunities for students to develop essential skills in the specified media. The modular format provides great flexibility for scheduling, and schools may choose which modules and how many they will offer. Schools may experience challenges in offering visual arts along with other electives (band instruments, explore music, technology education, and family studies) are encouraged to schedule the electives in such a way that students enrolled in Visual Arts will have opportunities to take other electives. Visual Arts 9 comprises three modules: Painting with Acrylics, Contemporary Art Trends, and Nature and the Built Environment.

This full curriculum consists of a variety of non-sequential modules plus a Curriculum Framework and Appendices documents.

Updated August 27, 2021