Français intégré 8e année (Integrated French 8)

Course Outline

Integrated French offers a distinct approach to teaching and learning social studies through French. The program was designed for non-Francophone students who are not yet fluent in French when they start the program in Grade 7. It aims to help them acquire French language skills by offering social studies in French from the start of the program until the end of the students’ schooling.

Integrated French 8 program is designed to lead students to achieve the learning outcomes for French Language Arts and Social Studies simultaneously through learning experiences, teachings, and meaningful performance assessments. Integrating these two subjects into one single program highlights the important link between them and allows the student to discern its global meaning.

Integrated French Language Arts has four components:

  • Attributing value to French language and cultural diversity
  • Listening and oral expression
  • Reading and watching
  • Writing and representation

The first component of the program is intended to deal with attitudes towards French language and culture as well as cultural diversity. The other three components target modes of communication.

The organizing concept for Social Studies 8 is “Canadian Identity.” Students explore this concept within the context of post-World War I Canada. Social Studies 8 builds on the skills and concepts of previous years and continues the chronology of Social Studies 7, wherein students examined Canada’s history from the early 1800s through World War I. Social Studies 8 also continues and complements studies of Canada begun in even earlier grades. It is firmly grounded in the social studies disciplines of geography, history, economics, sociology, and political science. In addition, it contains many cross-curricular opportunities, particularly in language arts, visual arts, music, health education, science, and mathematics and contains myriad opportunities for the integration of technology.

A fundamental aspect of the Integrated French curriculum, especially at the beginning, is the neurolinguistic approach, which is an efficient way to learn how to communicate spontaneously in French. This approach recommends learning in sequence, starting with listening and speaking, followed by reading and writing. Grammar is naturally learned by using oral language rather than by memorizing rules. The students speak, listen and write in French about their experiences. They are actively engaged in class while exploring in an integrated manner the skills and concepts related to French language arts classes and other subjects.

Updated August 24, 2021