Français intégré 8e année (Integrated French 8)

Course Outline

The Integrated French curriculum offers a distinct approach to teaching and learning social studies themes through French.

In order for the learner to develop language skills, it is essential that the only language used in the classroom is French, right from the start. Social studies are the means by which authentic communication situations are created, which in turn will lead to the development of skills allowing the students to communicate in French and to understand it.

Literacy plays an important role in all subjects in Nova Scotia public schools, including Integrated French. Literacy is the capacity to use the language and its images in order to communicate and understand (speak, read and write) while interacting with people in order to make sense of the world and demonstrate an understanding of various cultures.

A fundamental aspect of the Integrated French curriculum, especially at the beginning, is the neurolinguistic approach, which is an efficient way to learn how to communicate spontaneously in French. This approach recommends learning in sequence, starting with listening and speaking, followed by reading and writing. Grammar is naturally learned by using oral language rather than by memorizing rules. The students speak, listen and write in French about their experiences. They are actively engaged in class while exploring in an integrated manner the skills and concepts related to French language arts classes and other subjects.

English versions of the Français intégré documents are not available at this time.

Grade 7 and 8 renewed curriculum has been fully implemented across the province. 

Updated August 3, 2022